Matrix High Precision Valveless Ceramic Pump Filling Machine

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    • Brand: SFXB
    • Commodity name: Matrix High Precision Valveless Ceramic Pump Filling Machine

    ■  Using advanced man-machine interface, the operation data can be adjusted and stored, and the filling volume can be set on the display screen;

      304 stainless steel appearance, beautiful and generous;

     Desktop rectangular design, XY movement mode;

     Adopt Xueba high-purity, high-clean, corrosion-resistant valveless ceramic pump.

    Key words:
    • Matrix High Precision Valveless Ceramic Pump Filling Machine
    • ceramic pump filling machine
    • desktype liquid filling machine
    • ampoule filling machine
    • vial bottle filling machine
  •  Scientific research institutes, laboratories, universities, pharmaceutical factories, IVD enterprises, cosmetics factories, etc.;

    ■  Widely used in the precise quantitative filling of pharmaceutical, pharmaceutical, food, chemical, cosmetic and other industries;

     Preparation of solutions before chromatography, QC  and R&D of pharmaceutical factories, environmental monitoring, mineral and  blood analysis, forensic identification and various other applications;

    ■ Precise and quantitative filling of liquids  such as blood, biological reagents, oral liquids, injections, high-end cosmetics, electronic cigarette oil,  flavors, and fungicides.

  • Pump headPump  head

    Plunger , Pump cavity sleeve ( aluminazirconia ) _ 

    Filling accuracy Fillingaccuracy

    ±≤0.5% (with water as the standard, the accuracy can be achieved by more than 30% of the maximum filling value)

    Filling rangeFillingrange

    0~2.9ml/转time 0.5~6ml/转time 1~12ml/转time 2~24ml/转time

    (无阀陶瓷泵选配) Valveless  ceramic  pump  optiona

    产量Production speed


      P o w e r

    AC220V   50/60Hz   260W


    38kg About 38kg

    主机尺寸(长L*宽W*高H) Size of host machine


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